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Turning Points for Children

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Turning Points for Children has been selected as the Community Umbrella Organization for the Lower Northeast (CUA3) and Southwest Philadelphia (CUA9). Community Umbrella Agencies (CUA's) are part of the Department of Human Services (DHS) Improving Outcomes for Children (IOC) and are community-based agencies that are responsible for the provision of direct case management services to families in their designated region. FOr more information visit DHS's website by clicking here.

For more information please contact our CUA offices at:

CUA3: 4329 Griscom Street, Philadelphia, PA 19124. Phone: 215-268-5845

CUA9: 415 S. 15th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19146. Phone: 215-875-8200

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TPFC's 4th Annual Golf Tournament

Monday, September 22nd

at North Hill's Country Club, Glenside PA

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Join TPFC's Parent Cafe's - sponsored by CUA3/Lower Northeast

For more information click on either date 8/20 or 8/26 or call our Frankford office at 215-268-5845.

Time Out for Teens and Tots™ (TTT) and Stronger Families Brighter Futures Parenting Program

Summer 2014 series:


For more information click TTT Summer 2014.





Mini-Documentary on Turning Points for Children

District Attorney Seth Williams and Turning Points for Children

Message from CEO, and Board members and clients.


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