Raise Your Voice on Behalf of Pennsylvania's Children and Families

on 29 September 2015


As we approach the beginning of yet another month, the Pennsylvania Legislature has so far failed to pass a budget. As a result, many nonprofits across the state find themselves in a challenging situation. This standstill is already having long-term implications for our communities and the Commonwealth's human-serving sector.

Will you make a commitment to speak up on behalf of the children and families of Pennsylvania by urging prompt resolution today? As a citizen and someone who cares about the devastating impact this issue will have on our children, families and communities, you provide a critical voice in conveying a strong message to Governor Wolf and members of our state legislature. They need to hear from constituents like you on how critical this issue is for our communities and why it is important that they come to a quick compromise.

Please join us as we raise a collective voice on behalf of Pennsylvania's most vulnerable populations. You can take action now, using a quick and easy online tool that will allow you to send personalized letters to the Governor and members on the state legislature.

We thank you for your support and commitment to the children, families and communities of Pennsylvania.

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