Donors Rally to Make Brighter Holidays a Huge Success

on 12 January 2016

A special thank you to the 175 churches, schools, corporations and volunteer groups who donated their time, wrapping paper, money and gifts to the 2015 Brighter Holidays program. 

This year we tripled the number of children who received Brighter Holidays with gifts of toys, books and pajamas. It was coordinated chaos activating 6 programs and over 300 staff members to gather names, ages and interests. A series of phone calls, emails and social media posts about these children, PLUS an Amazon Wishlist to make it easy to donate, prompted swift response from donors around the country. Annual supporters contacted friends and family. Staff shared Facebook posts. Volunteers showed up in groups of 20 or more. Departments in corporations challenged each other to do more.

In the end, we had

  • 2,930 smiling faces
  • 1,800 books
  • 2,500 toys
  • 850 pairs of pajamas
  • countless other gifts