Celebrating Edward DeAngelis at Kids at Heart

on 15 February 2017

When we first met Edward DeAngelis, he made it clear he wanted to be more than a name on a check. During his first year with us, Ed invited his employees at EDA Contractors and family to volunteer. Their generosity filled an SUV full of toys for our Brighter Futures toy drive.

"His insight and his gratitude is something that you notice about Ed when you first meet him. He understands that he wouldn’t be where he is without the people around him," Michael Ogden, Program Director of The Bridge.

Ed knows the importance of strong families. A supportive and loving family shaped who he is today. Those values led Ed to Turning Points for Children. He wants to strengthen vulnerable families.

Ed says, "Turning Points for Children provide the necessary help to support these broken families and give children the opportunity to flourish through their many programs."

Over the past three years, Ed's been proactive.  He believes, in his words, “children desire an opportunity to succeed in this world.”

The EDA team has been generous with their time to help older youth who have an interest in construction trades. We are looking forward to building this employment pipeline with the older youth in our care.

"Where folks fall because of their backgrounds, Ed offers employment opportunities,” says Dawn Holden, Turning Points CFO.

Ed has a long list of accolades and achievements. His contributions to Turning Points will leave a legacy because he believes in the mission of building stronger families.

Join us in honoring Ed DeAngelis at this year's Kids at Heart. On Friday, April 7th, we'll celebrate Ed's work in Building Brighter Futures.