Building Brighter Futures at The Bridge

on 17 March 2017


Did you catch our Facebook post on The Bridge's Culinary Training? It's just one example of what's possible when we pay attention to a child's interests. 

When youth enter The Bridge, they're taught to focus on their futures. It's a resource to think about what they're capable of doing, not a punishment for what they've done.  Visible skill sets and desired interests are just as important as standard education.

The Bridge staff and teachers take the youth through a career scope. This opens their eyes to new paths they can take on their journey through life. Boys and girls have opportunities to create resumes, plan for their future and take steps toward making their dreams a reality.

The Bridge has partners like Bucks County Technical High School to assist in various vocational training for their youth. A recent training offered education in culinary arts. The youth are taken through every step of the culinary process. Budgeting, shopping, buying, preparing and cooking are all taught by The Bridge and their partners.

Many times these vocational trainings spark a passion for a skill someone didn't even know they had. These transferable skills are the building blocks of what a healthy, sustainable lifestyle looks like. The Bridge is planting the seeds for a stable future for those in our community.