Finding a Father After 10 Years

on 18 May 2017

Editor’s Note: Client names have been changed to protect their identity.

When Aleah first came to Family Finding she begged staff to find her father. Aleah had not seen him since she was two years old.

Although she remembered she had a dad, Aleah could not picture his face or anything else about him. She did recall that her mother took her away and she never saw him again. Aleah’s mother struggled with addiction. It got so bad that Aleah was placed in the first of many foster care placements.

At age fifteen, Aleah met her Family Finding case manager, Maria Credle. Maria knew exactly where to begin looking for her father. She obtained Aleah’s birth certificate because often, these birth certificates have the names of birth parents and their ages at the time of issue. With a little math, Maria was able to search for Aleah’s father, now age 41.

In two short weeks, the wife of Aleah’s father called Family Finding. She was very curious about the letter she had received from Turning Points for Children. After a long conversation, she agreed to relay the conversation to her husband. Shortly after, Maria received the call she had been waiting for. It was Aleah’s father.

“I haven’t seen her in ten years. Is she ok? Where has she been?” Aleah’s father continued, “I have missed her so much. I have spent ten years looking for her.”

Family Finding coordinated with Aleah and her team. Soon after came the first phone call, with lots of happy tears. Aleah then spent several weeks speaking with her father by phone. They spent their days reconnecting and building a new relationship. Today, Aleah is living with her father, step mother and little sister, Leah.