One care kit, many Turning Points

on 18 July 2017

As a regular Turning Points donor, I am always excited to learn about the impact of our gifts, whether it is programs we have always supported, or new ones being dreamed up by the amazing hearts of Turning Points staff. Recently, I learned about Care Kits.

Hearing about this program and THINKING about why it is needed really gave me pause, and I’m a social worker.

Turning Points works with children who have to leave the home they live in, often at a moment’s notice. Children carry whatever they can grab, or maybe nothing at all, in a plastic bag. A trash bag. This particular image hit me hard.

I imagine kids, teenagers, little ones and all the in between, being taken from a home because they are not safe, and leaving behind all the things that comfort them – teddy bears, favorite t-shirts, books and blankies.

Care Kits make that traumatic process just a little brighter. While they may not get to pack everything they own, a care kit bag (complete with the essential items kids need, like diapers and toothbrushes and teddy bears) may provide just enough comfort to make them feel less afraid, confused, and alone. And, equally important, a bag to carry it in, a bag that is completely their own, and goes with them even if they have to move again.

When I shared this idea with my family and had them imagine what they would do in a similar situation, it became very clear we should be sending some money directly to this Turning Points for Children project.

This month, our gift will help about 20 kids have a totally different – better – experience. That seems like a very easy way to make a difference to us. A little goes a long way for those kids. And we felt pretty great about doing it.

Editor's Note: Thank you, TEGA Foundation, for your support of Care Kits and for writing this story. In the picture above are staff from Pennsylvania Compensation Rating Bureau, a nonprofit organization that oversees workers’ compensation insurance in Pennsylvania and Delaware, that donated Care Kits as a team-building exercise.