A Statement from Our CEO: My Heart is Heavy but Hopeful

on 05 June 2020

At Turning Points, these events hit home. As a black woman I am working through my own personal feelings; from anger to hurt about the death of Mr. Floyd as I know that what happened to him could easily happen to someone in my own family, or to a Turning Points employee, or to any of the hundreds of young men or women we serve in our programs.

As I write this, unrepentant racism, police brutality, health disparities, educational inequities and low incomes are top of mind for most of us. But because these seem to be issues that have always been with us, we often put them to the side as we go about our daily lives. Perhaps this is a time when we should start to confront them.

As a subsidiary of Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC), an organization focused on addressing social determinants of health, we will work together as one PHMC community to help, support and heal during this time. We will work as one PHMC to contribute to systemic change, redouble our efforts to bridge divides and ensure we sustain a safe, inclusive and supportive space for all – our employees, participants and the communities we serve.

So, while my heart is heavy, it is hopeful. It was hope that I saw when our Turning Points staff volunteered in the neighborhoods we serve to help clean up and rebuild the communities that have been damaged. It will be hope that shows up beginning next week with our “pop-up” food pantries distributing emergency food in communities hardest hit by the pandemic and store closures.

Turning Points for Children stands with our black and brown communities as we believe in a thriving community for all. Thank you to those from all walks of life that have committed to stand with us.

We hope and pray that you are staying safe and taking care of yourself and your families. Together, we will move forward.